Jan 1 is a time when many people draw up resolutions for the next year.  It is popular for people to commit to reading through the Bible in a year’s time and the M’Cheyne Bible Calendar is one of the most common schemes that are used.  I’m all for reading the Bible, however, the Bible is a contextual document–it was produced by a particular people at a particular time in a particular cultural milieu.  If you do not have an understanding of the culture from which the Bible came you will likely misunderstand much of it.

So, along with your Bible reading plans I have provided my version of a plan to read the Context of Scripture three volume set. I tried to match up more exiting readings with more mundane so you’re not stuck reading a bunch of seal inscriptions for days on end. CoS provides many texts that give background and cognate information that will help you understand the Bible better.  Furthermore, if you are a pastor or student interested in biblical studies then this is a must read.  Context of Scripture is not cheap but if you look around you can sometimes find some deals.

Click here for the COS in 1 Year reading plan

Here are several places you might want to check for purchasing the COS volumes:



Electronic version via Logos

Electronic version via Accordance

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  1. by Robert Marineau

    Great idea! Thanks for compiling it.

    By the way, Accordance also has COS.

  2. Thanks, Robert, I’ll add a link.

  3. by Michael

    Excellent idea!

  4. by Brooke

    Hey, this is for me a timely idea: I had gotten tired of monopolizing the library copy and picked up my own paperback set at SBL last year.

    Nice work!

  5. by Joseph

    What an excellent idea! I will definitely do this! Now if only I could get a reading schedule for Charlesworth!!

  6. by Israel

    Thanks, Charles, for putting the calendar together. I’ve started following it. Maybe I’ll even complete it.

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  23. by Simeon

    I read your post and I’m going to give it a chance. I don’t know how long I will keep up, because I have little time next to my Medicine study.
    The post is 3 years old, so I assume you might have finished the book by now. Did you like the “year”?

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