I was delighted to contribute an essay to the hot-off-the-press Festschrift honoring my doktorvater, Samuel Greengus. Many thanks to the scholars who were kind enough to endorse my essay, “The Administration of Copper Tools at Umma in the Ur III Period”:

“The finest piece of bathroom reading ever produced.”
—Seth Sanders

“This upturns everything I know.”
—Timothy Michael Law

“The most exhaustive treatment of the most obscure trivia.”
—Angela Roskop Erisman

“Charles who?”
—Roger Scruton

“[Insert title here] is a compelling book sure to delight its readers.”
—N.T. Wright

“I now know more about how the powers that be repressed vulnerable people through the technicalities of the transfer of copper in a specific town during a tiny window of time four thousand years ago.”
—Cornell West

“I embrace this essay.”
—Miroslav Volf

“Let’s do a podcast about this.”
—Mark Goodacre

“I don’t know where to begin…”
—Jacob L. Wright

“I’m busy grading.”
—Thomas Bolin

—Jeff Cooley

In all seriousness, it was an honor to be a part of this project to give back a tiny fraction of the kindness that Sam has shown me.

Windows to the Ancient World of the Hebrew Bible

Windows to the Ancient World of the Hebrew Bible
Essays in Honor of Samuel Greengus
EIS – Eisenbrauns
Edited by Bill T. Arnold, Nancy Erickson, and John H. Walton
Eisenbrauns, 2014
Pp. xvi + 286, English
Cloth, 6 x 9 inches
ISBN: 9781575063027
List Price: $59.50
Your Price: $53.55

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