Free M.A. in Biblical Studies

Have you ever wanted to do an M.A. in Biblical Studies?  Now you can.  I’ve curated a great curriculum for you from open courses through iTunes U and university web pages (the selection is based on my own biases and whims as well as the available offerings).  While there are a few more classes than you might encounter in a traditional M.A. program, you don’t have a thesis or big research papers to submit so it balances out.  You won’t receive a diploma neither will you have any feedback on your work so if you’d like these things consider this traditional M.A program.

Old Testament Introduction from Christine Hayes at Yale.

The Hebrew Scriptures in Judaism & Christianity from Shaye Cohen at Harvard.

Jerusalem: The Holy City: A History of Jerusalem from Ancient Canaan to Modern Israel from Robert Cargill at UCLA.

New Testament Introduction from Dale Martin at Yale.

Historical Jesus from Thomas Sheehan at Stanford.

Introduction to Ancient Greek History from Donald Kagen at Yale.

Ancient Mediterranean World from Isabelle Pafford at UC Berkeley.

Ancient Israel from Dan Fleming at NYU.

Introduction to the Theory of Literature from Paul Fry at Yale.

Geography of World Cultures from Martin Lewis at Stanford.

Faith & Globalization by Miroslav Volf and Tony Blair at Yale.

Philosophy of Language by John Searle at UC Berkeley.

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  3. by David Arghir

    I would like to start this program if possible as soon is available. I would like to know if I can take all these classes and to get some kind of the diploma or a something equivalent.

  4. by Ken Berry

    That’s a great list. I have at least sampled nine of the above. Did you consider John Goldingay’s three iTunesU courses at Fuller (Pentateuch, Prophets, and Biblical Hermeneutics)? Or Michael Satlow’s course at Brown on Second Temple Judaism called, “From Israelite to Jew”?

    • I had Goldingay’s stuff on the older iteration and think it is good but trying to mimic the 30-ish hours for an MA and I cut it on this version to make room for some other stuff. I will need to see Satlow’s course, that is new to me, thanks.

  5. by Justin King

    Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary (now Anabaptist Biblical Seminary) has put up their entire Beginning Hebrew class on iTunes U. They use the “Basics of Biblical Hebrew” published by Zondervan.

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  7. by Truth_Seeker

    Thanks for this post. Is there any such program for Jewish Studies? I appreciate.

  8. I am interested in doing this Masters my desire is to be a outstanding student

  9. by Andrew Myers

    Do you know of any linguistic courses you would recommend? or do you see the philosophy of language filling that role (the lectures are not named on itunes so it’s difficult to tell exactly the content of that course)?

  10. by Paul Stevens

    It would be useful if this could be linked with a mentoring program. Mentors should have an academic doctorate or at least a second level masters (like Th.M) in the field. And a simple essay style exam sent to a grader for each class. Would cost $ but not tuition level. Interaction and studying for exams improves learning.

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