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  1. by David Booth

    Hi Charles (if I may),

    Just thought I would pop you a note say how much I look forward to reading your edited book on the genre of Genesis 1-11. This has been a topic of particular interest as I find myself caught between to dear friends who are at polar opposite ends on issues to do with genre and the historicity of Genesis 1-3 in particular and 1-11 in general.

    One insists on a young earth creationist reading and the other a merely ‘mythological’ theological reading of the text.

    Not being clear on where I stand, I have been keenly reading around the topic, including contributions by Peter Enns, John Walton, Kenton Sparks and the recent viewpoint books on Historicity of Adam, Inerrancy and the volume by Hoffmeir and Margary.

    My aim is to approach these pivotal passages in the light of their ancient near eastern context, genre and theogical intent without in any way disparaging the authority of scripture.

    May the Lord grant you and your fellow contributors wisdom, clarity and charity as you engage each other on this topic. May it prove a fruitful dialogue which promotes a faithful and responsible hermeneutical approach to the text.

    Do you have a projected date of publication and title which I can keep an eye out for please?

    (David Booth)

    • Hi David, thanks for your comments. I am hoping that the book will be released in November of 2014 but it might get pushed back to January of 2015. All best wishes.

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